Street Shoes for Colombian Draft Horses

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Q: I am from Bogota, Colombia, in South America. I went to Cornell University in 1993. Since then I am working mostly with Paso Fino horses, but now I am attending to a group of draft horses. One of my biggest problems is that they work every day in the streets so the metal shoes don't work very well.

I will appreciate it if you can help me with some information about other types of shoes.

A: There is a company here in the United States, called Centaur Forge, Ltd. Their address is 117 North Spring Street, PO Box 340, Burlington, WI 53105-0343. Telephone number 1-414-763-9175. Their Fax number is 1-414-763-8350. Toll free number for orders only 1-800-666-9175.

This company sells steel core, rubber/urethane shoes, with toe clips and pre-punched nail holes. They are called Syverson, formerly known as Chambers. The cost is approximately $55 for a pair. These are the same shoes worn by the draft horses at Disneyland, which is an amusement in California and Florida, USA. These horses are constantly worked on street pavement. The shoes are shock absorbing and long wearing with excellent traction. I highly recommend them for any large horse that spends its days on the streets.

Centaur also sells a shoe shaper machine for around $100, which makes shaping quick and easy without damaging the material of the shoe. Without it the shoes are next to impossible to shape. Anyone using these shoes should have this machine.

There are other brands of rubber shoes sold. These are the shoes I recommend.

The only other alternative would be to shoe the horses with steel shoes, using horseshoe borium to coat the shoes on the ground surface. Borium makes the shoes grab and hold the street very well, BUT continued use of borium will cause injury to the horse's legs and will cause damage to the streets.

Good luck in your endeavor. Por favor, let me know what success you have with this problem.

Geronimo Bayard
The American Blacksmith
Oakland, Oregon

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