Fat & Founder the Same Thing?

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Q: Can you tell me, what exactly is foundered? I have a couple of horses in my pasture. People tell me to watch out about them getting foundered. I always thought that was just another way to say fat.

A: If you do some reading on our web site you will find a wealth of information regarding practically all aspects of horse husbandry, especially laminitis and founder which has been a specialty of ours. To start with, read the article at http://www.americanblacksmith.com/blacksmithstable/laminitis_&_founder.htm  which will give you a good basic understanding of laminitis and founder.
In summary, laminitis is the disease in which the blood supply to the horse's hooves malfunctions and causes the living supportive tissue in them to die. Founder refers to the mechanical result of the dead supportive tissue, namely rotating or sinking of the coffin bone within the hoof capsule (as in a "foundering" ship). In severe cases the coffin bone can actually break out through the bottom of the horse's foot.

Obesity is a factor in the majority of laminitis/founder cases but there are many other causes.  As a horse owner you have the obligation to become well enough informed that you can protect your horses from this largely preventable catastrophe. Read the above mentioned article. It is short and easy to understand. Then I suggest reading the rest of the articles listed on http://www.americanblacksmith.com/blacksmithstable/articles_on_horseshoeing.htm and at least all the Q&As dealing with laminitis/founder which are listed at http://www.americanblacksmith.com/blacksmithstable/horseshoeing_questions-answers.htm .
There is a search engine on the web site so it is easy to find information on a topic of interest.

Good luck with your horse keeping and equine educational endeavors.


Mrs. Mary Bayard
Dodge Creek Stables
The American Blacksmith
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This entire web site is copyright protected.  1996-2001 Geronimo & Mary Bayard,  2001-2008 Mary Fitzpatrick
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