Farrier Tools for Horse Owners

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Q: What farrier tools do you recommend that horse owners have in their barn?

A: The first and most important tool is a working knowledge of your horse's feet and his shoeing needs. You should be able to tell when a shoe is loose, sprung or shifted and know what has to be done about it while waiting for the farrier. You should also know what a well trimmed hoof looks like so that if there are sharp edges, splits, chips or broken hoof wall you can correctly dress them. There will be times when a nail or a shoe will have to be removed from the horse's foot. Also, daily hoof care can only be carried out properly by those individuals with this working knowledge.

Following is a list of other recommended tools for the horse owner.

1. Hoof pick--one that fits your hand well and thoroughly cleans the hoof with little effort on your part.

2. Wire brush--to clean excessive mud off the hoof wall and the bottom of the horse's hoof.

3. Hoof rasp--for light dressing of the foot.

4. Crease nail pullers--for pulling individual nails.

5. Pull offs--for removing the horse's shoe.

6. Clinch cutter--for cutting the nail clinches.

7. Saddle horse nail clinchers--to tighten loose nail clinches.

8. Nail cutter--for cutting nails.

9. Slip on Equi-Boot--not a boot that has any metal in contact with the horse's hoof. This slip on boot should only be used to protect the horse's foot until the farrier can arrive and not for riding. It may sometimes be used to get a horse back to the barn safely when a shoe has been lost in the field. Sometimes duct tape will suffice.

10. Instruction by your farrier on how to use the above tools.

As a farrier I would like to see my clients have the tools on this list so that they may use them as I have instructed. There are many people who can get by with a pair of pull offs, a rasp and a roll of duct tape. That is fine, but I prefer my clients to have the above tools.

Any and all of the above tools should be obtainable at your local feed store. If you have difficulty finding them, your farrier should be able to help you locate them. If he can not, I will be glad to assist you.

Geronimo Bayard
The American Blacksmith
Oakland, Oregon

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