Adjustable Heart Bar Shoes II

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Dear Geronimo;

I recently have had the opportunity to use your shoe and the results were dramatic!

Case history:
18-year-old QH mare
chronic founder (approx. 5 years)
12 degrees, rotation
1/3 distal P3 completely deteriorated.
"donated" to me nearly 1 year ago

For nearly one year I have applied a typical heart bar shoe. As a farrier with 7 years experience I had expected more than slight improvement but she still carried the majority of her weight with her back end and was obviously in pain. Needless to say I've done a lot of head scratching.

I applied your shoe 4 weeks ago; immediate improvements were dramatic. She was able to stand and walk with balance that I know she hasn't enjoyed for years. I've made so far 3 minor adjustments (which I still find incredible!) all of which have proven positive.

You've not only made my job so much easier, but you've made my horse feel more comfortable, and it has been a long-awaited comfort that I quite frankly never thought she would see. Thank You Very Much!!

The vet is coming out next week to shoot some radiographs; I'll keep you informed of her progress. And progress, I'm persuaded it shall be.

I'm very grateful that I've had the opportunity to learn from you.


M. S.

Note: This experienced farrier had contacted me for advice about the use and construction of the adjustable heart bar shoe. We corresponded back and forth until I could determine that he had the expertise to use this shoe effectively and safely because like the regular heart bar shoe this one can have very detrimental effects if applied incorrectly. I then sent him detailed instructions, advice and pictures explaining how to construct, apply and maintain adjustable heart bars.

His letter above speaks for itself. The same information package is available to other qualified farriers for a small fee. Please e-mail for details and cost.


Geronimo Bayard
The American Village Blacksmith
Oakland, Oregon


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This entire web site is copyright protected.  1996-2001 Geronimo & Mary Bayard,  2001-2008 Mary Fitzpatrick
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